Ice Skate Sharpeners for Hockey Players, Goalies and Parents - by Redi-Edge Ice

You'll never have to skate on dull skates again!

photo of the Redi-Edge ice skate sharpener

The Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM) endorsed the Redi-Edge Ice Skate Sharpener at their June, 2004 convention.

The Redi-Edge Ice skate sharpening system is very precise, easy to use and has been tested and proven at the professional level.

Benefits for Players, Parents, Managers & Coaches

  • Fast — Only takes minutes to maintain sharp skates.
  • Precise — Create high quality, professional edges with every use.
  • Convenient — Can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost Effective — Get precision sharpening at affordable prices.

Professional Quality

The handle and barrels are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with a dry lubricated, wear resistant coating. The hardened cutter has multiple cutting edges.

collage of Redi-Edge Ice products